From Now Until December 7th @ 7pm, 50% Of All Ponder Art Print Sale Proceeds Will Go To Girl’s High In Philadelphia

50% of Ponder Art Print Sale Proceeds To be Donated To Girls High In Philadelphia.
Ponder Art Donates 50% of Print Sale Proceeds To Girls High In Philadelphia.

Double Dutch is a IRIS giclee print using fine art ink on archival fine art paper.  It is one of my favorite pieces (the original sold at a non-profit auction years ago). 50% of the proceeds of Ponder Art print sales from now until Saturday, December 7th at 7:00 pm, will go to Girls High In Philly to promote higher quality education at this historic institution. (Purchase at our holiday art party on Friday or Saturday or purchase at 

Double Dutch was one of my mother’s favorite games; it was a very popular past time in Chi-town especially after-school in front of who eve’s house had the rope or folded over clothesline. It seems I could never beat her in Double Dutch or races down the block. I’m pretty sure she quit by the time I could beat her. 

I recently (probably a year ago) saw my former Chi-town neighbor and fellow undergrad schoolmate Michele (Robinson) Obama jump double dutch on a television show with some Champions. She did us proud as she does in everything else. If I had known I would have held the original and gifted it to her and the girls to make sure they had some more color on those presidential children walls. LOL!!!. . . .Double Dutch, whatever its origins, was definitely important to us.

If my back didn’t hurt I am pretty sure I would beat most of you. So I’ll just have to live the game through this print.