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Ponder At Work: Lexicon Series – Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

Rise Up, Hands Free

Rise Up, Hands Free: Collage on canvas

Hands Up, Body Down

Hands Up, Body Down

Hands Up 013

Hands Up, Shot Damn



Today I am sharing a couple of works from the “Hands Up” collection of my new Lexicon series.  I suspect the series will take years to complete.  I am looking to create a whole host of very simple, but aesthetically impactful images to address race and racism in America.  I hope the simple “Hands Up icon” series  conveys the need to pay attention to the unjust abuse of power by law enforcement, especially against people of color.

The Hands Up pieces shown are acrylic on small canvases.  I intend to enlarge some of my favorite ones after I complete more of them.  The piece “Hands Up, Shot Damn” made its debut at my last show with Kelly Burke — “Artistic Conversations on Race and Humanity in Lawrenceville.  “Hands Up, Shot Damn” and “Hands Up, Body Down” were both done in acrylic on canvas.  I intend to move on to other services shortly with the icons.

Enjoy and be provoked.