PonderArt offers limited edition prints of some of his most popular work.   Print-on-demand resources allow PonderArt to sell high quality IRIS giclee prints on Hahnemule fine art paper.

Iris printmaking is relatively new printmaking technique whose purity and fidelity has already set new standards in fine art reproduction.  Technically speaking, an iris print is a highly specialized form of giclée print; giclée (pronounced ‘ghee-clay) printing si the technique of applying ink to the paper or canvas base in a fine mist or spray.  What puts Iris print in a league of its own are the delicacy of the detail, the richness of the color and the absolute smoothness of the tone.  This is achieved by converting the inks into microscopic size droplets which are then applied to the substrate at a rate of over 4 million droplets per second in a manner unique to the Iris press.  It can take over an hour to print each full-size image but the result is a flawless re production in which no trace of the printing process can be detected.

Iris printmaking is very much a collaborative process involving both the artist and printmaker from onset to finish.  As in a traditional printmaking studio, the printmaker carefully prepares the image to the artist’s specifications and submits proofs until the artist’s concept has been fully realized. The choice of materials is an important part of this process. Most work is printed on hand made acid-free watercolor paper or museum quality canvas; careful selection of a substrate compatible with special archival inks used on an Iris press greatly enhances not only the aesthetic appeal but the color gamut and longevity of the finished print.

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