David Addams Hosts Harlem Art Show For Friend Rhinold Ponder

(September 3, 2012) Rhinold Ponder poses with great friend and collector, David Addams at his Harlem home where he hosted a solo exhibition for PonderArt in June, 2007.

I’ve known David almost forever; well, at least since I was a bright-eyed, knowledge hungry freshman at a certian ivy league school in New Jersey, where David, from Chicago too, was a senior and a great big brother to have.   My mother, bless her heart, loved that I had David as a friend for my first year away from home.  If only she knew what kind of trouble he let me get into. LOL!!

Seriously, David and his wife, Zennetta, have been among my best art supporters and they have a number of my pieces in their home.  Because of them, I cna always say that I had an art show in New York, more specifically, Harlem.

But I have the strange feeling that that one was neither my last, nor my best.  Still I enjoyed the hell out of being there with a lot of supportive and inspiring friends.