Add Jeffrey Owen Hanson To Ponder Art's Favorite Artists List

Wow.  Recently I was introduced to the art work of  Jeffrey Owen Hanson, an artistic philanthropist whose passion and intensity was born from his struggle against a physical disorder which left him legally blind.  It would be an understatement to say that I was instantly connected to the depth and vivaciousness of his work.  It is so colorful, upbeat and just plain beautiful.

He joins my list of favorite artists along with Leroy Nieman, Tafa and Jackson Pollock.  I love many other artists, but not many move me, rather inspire me, the way their images do.  These folks make me want to create after just staring at their work in amazement.

I look forward to meeting Mr. Hansen one day to learn more about his artistic techniques and philanthropic practices.  Hansen is an artist after my own heart, so don’t be surprised if you see some influences from his work in my future paintings.  Every time I look at his work, I feel as though it is whispering to me and man the responses in my minds eye overwhelm me.  It’s time to put those responses on canvas I think.

Check out this video about him and you’ll see why I love his work.